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Eyebrows $7.99 & FullFace $25.99

Best Eyebrow

Eyebrow Threading
Morgan Hill , CA

  • "Eyebrows is only one part of a woman's body that she doesn't want to be any thinner."

  • "We believe that one strand of hair can make or break a perfect brow."

  • "We believe that a brow shaping should take more than 5 minutes."


Kapila Eyebrow Threading offers effective, precise, as painless as possible Eyebrows shaping service. Our expert Neha will shape your eyebrows according to your requirements and face. With the help of threading technique, you can also get rid of unwanted hair on your upper lip, forehead, chin, facial and other body part hairs. Eyebrow threading not only removes hair from your eyebrow or face, but it also adds to the natural beauty of your face. Only a woman knows the importance of a well-shaped brow. We truly understand the need of a girl for attractive eyebrows. Neha is thoroughly trained and well experienced to give your brows the right shape. Our services are priced reasonable enough to make sure you don’t feel guilty every time you walk-in or walk-out. Our eyebrow threading salon serving Morgan Hill and surrounding areas Gilroy, San Martin, Hollister, Coyote and San Jose.

Our Experts use a 100% natural way to remove hair, a talc-free powder is applied before the service. No chemical is used. Best natural antibacterial threading is used by us for the customer. Please check out our frequently asked question for more details around eyebrow threading, Henna tattoo and us. Thank you very much for the visit on our website. See you soon!!

Eyebrow Shapes

Round Eyebrow

  • kapila_round_eyebrow_threading1
  • kapila_round_eyebrow_threading
  • kapila_round_eyebrow_threading3
  • kapila_round_eyebrow_threading4

A round eyebrow threading shape makes a face appear rounder. It softens features and emphasizes the heart in the heart shaped face.

Angle Eyebrow

  • kapila_angle_eyebrow_threading1
  • kapila_angle_eyebrow_threading
  • kapila_angle_eyebrow_threading3
  • kapila_angle_eyebrow_threading4

Similar to below, but its peak is softer, more subtle, and feminine. Eyebrow threading shapes in this catalog have often been referred to as "perfect" eyebrow shapes.

Curved Eyebrow

  • kapila_curve_eyebrow_threading1
  • kapila_curve_eyebrow_threading
  • kapila_curve_eyebrow_threading3
  • kapila_curve_eyebrow_threading4

These eyebrow threading shapes default to a thoughtful expression giving a more professional look.

Flat Eyebrow

  • kapila_flat_eyebrow_threading1
  • kapila_flat_eyebrow_threading
  • kapila_flat_eyebrow_threading3
  • kapila_flat_eyebrow_threading4

Perfect for those with a long face - this eyebrow threading shape's horizontal lines make the face appear shorter and more oval.


Temporary Henna Tattoo!

  • Heena art on arm
  • Henna art on soldier
  • henna art on foot and hands
  • henna art on foot
  • henna art on hands
  • best henna art


  • Eyebrow Threading : $7.99

  • Full-Face Threading (Including Eyebrows) : $25.99

  • Full-Face Threading + Neck : $30.99

  • Mens Eyebrow Threading : $7.99

  • Upper-lip Threading : $4.99

  • Chin Threading : $4.99

  • Fore-Head Threading : $4.99

  • Cheeks Threading : $4.99

  • Sides Threading : $7.99

  • Neck Threading : $6.99

  • Henna Tattoo : Starting price $5


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FAQs about eyebrow threading and us

Tell me about “eyebrow threading” or "Face threading" ?
Eyebrow threading is an excellent hair removal technique. It is basically an alternative to waxing or tweezing. It’s a very gentle,organic,natural and painless way of removing unwanted facial or body hair, this method creates a perfect looking graceful eyebrows. This artistic skill, of shaping Eyebrows also known as Threading. It is great for people with sensitive or delicate skin. It is non-chemical,natural and safe!
How does eyebrow threading technique work?
Eyebrow threading expert utilizes organic cotton thread and twists it into a double strand and then twisting action of the thread traps the hair and lifts hair out of follicle gently without cutting or breaking. Unwanted hairs are secured in the thread and lifted from the follicle with precision and finesse. We believe this is the best method for precise hair removal.
Benefits of eyebrow,facial shaping/threading techniques.
  1. One does not have to wait for the hair to grow a certain length unlike waxing or tweezing even if hairs are 1mm or less then also it can be removed via eyebrow threading technique.
  2. Threading allows precise shaping and smoother arches.
  3. Eyebrow Threading lasts longer because hair does not grow back as fast.
  4. Eyebrow Threading is quicker and easier to shape the brows with lesser pain.
  5. Eyebrow Threading is non-chemical,natural,organic and safe.
  6. Hygienic and Inexpensive.
  7. Less messy and less time-consuming.
  8. Threading is gentle on the skin and the best way to remove Facial Hair
  9. More precise Threading can target individual hairs.
  10. Hair only needs to grow just above the skin to get threaded.
  11. With threading over time, hair becomes finer.
  12. The threading technique has the ability to pick up the finest hairs from the surface of the skin.
  13. 100% recommended for sensitive skin.
How often should one get the eyebrows/face threaded?
Every two weeks is the best routine to follow. Your brows will look clean and defined for two weeks. You can get threaded as soon hair grows just above the skin, whereas with waxing the hair needs to be at certain length long before it can be removed again.
Can I specify how I want my eyebrows shaped/arched?
Yes! Threading expert will ask about your preference for example "how you want your eyebrows to be shaped and how thick or thin you would like them?" as per client requirement service will be provided.
Is it ok for sensitive skin to do eyebrow/face threading?
Yes. Threading impact on the skin is less as compared to other hair removal methods. However it is normal to experience some pinkness, but it should go away in 30-40 minutes. If you think your skin is is extra sensitive,please rub an ice cube on the threaded area for 10 minutes and avoid using lotion or other products.
My eyebrows don’t have a natural arch, is it possible to get them arch shaped?
Yes,In the majority of cases it is doable but this process needs to take little more hairs out which could result in thinner brows. If you want a thicker brow shaped then we don’t recommend the arched look.
Is it ok for males to do eyebrow threading ?
Yes! it works perfectly for uni-brow or thin out bushy brows, threading will give a clean brow line look.
What other part of body/face can be threaded?
  1. Eyebrow Threading
  2. Face Threading
  3. Sideburns Threading
  4. Upper/lower Lip Threading
  5. Chin Threading
  6. Cheeks Threading
  7. Neck Threading
  8. Fingers Threading
  9. Legs Threading
  10. Arms Threading
How long does it take to get eyebrow threading and other service done?
  1. Eyebrow Threading approximately takes 5-7 minutes.
  2. Lip Threading 4 minutes.
  3. Chin Threading 4 minutes.
  4. Side Face Threading 8 minutes.
  5. Full Face Threading 25 minutes.
  6. Men Eyebrow Threading 5 minutes.
  7. Henna Tattoo depends on upon size and complexity. Average time is around 15-20 Minutes.
  8. Hair Henna approximately 30-40 Mins. For hair henna appointment is must since material need almost a day to prepare.
How much eyebrow threading experience you have?
Our Threading expert(Neha Kapila) has around 10+ year experience. She knows how to give precise and perfect shapes to your eyebrow.
What other services do you offer?
We provide eyebrow services(Eyebrow threading, Full-face Threading , Upper lip threading, Chin Threading, Fore-Head Threading, Cheeks Threading, Neck Threading) as well as henna tattoo arts, Henna also known as mehndi and hair henna.
Is Eyebrow Threading painful?
We believe threading is less painful as it is faster and takes out many hairs at a time. The more often you get threading the less discomfort you will have because your skin will adapt to the process.
Does threading take hair from the root?
Yes, Threading takes the hair out from the root. With threading, you can take a single hair or a row of hairs all by the root which is why threading provides great/precise results for eyebrow shaping or clean-up.
Where are you located and what area services are provided.
Kapila Eyebrow Threading is located in Morgan hill. Our clients come from Morgan Hill and Surrounding areas Gilroy, San Martin, Hollister, Coyote, San Jose, Santa Clara etc. We provide Eyebrow threading, Henna and Hair removal by Threading technique.