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  • "Eyebrows is only one part of a woman's body that she doesn't want to be any thinner."

  • "We believe that one strand of hair can make or break a perfect brow."

  • "We believe that a brow shaping should take more than 5 minutes."


Kapila Eyebrow Threading offers effective, precise, as painless as possible Eyebrows shaping service. Our expert Neha will shape your eyebrows according to your requirements and face. With the help of threading technique, you can also get rid of unwanted hair on your upper lip, forehead, chin, facial and other body part hairs. Eyebrow threading not only removes hair from your eyebrow or face, but it also adds to the natural beauty of your face. Only a woman knows the importance of a well-shaped brow. We truly understand the need of a girl for attractive eyebrows. Neha is thoroughly trained and well experienced to give your brows the right shape. Our services are priced reasonable enough to make sure you don’t feel guilty every time you walk-in or walk-out. Our eyebrow threading salon serving Morgan Hill and surrounding areas Gilroy, San Martin, Hollister, Coyote and San Jose.

Our Experts use a 100% natural way to remove hair, a talc-free powder is applied before the service. No chemical is used. Best natural antibacterial threading is used by us for the customer. Please check out our frequently asked question for more details around eyebrow threading, Henna tattoo and us. Thank you very much for the visit on our website. See you soon!!

Eyebrow Shapes

Round Eyebrow

  • kapila_round_eyebrow_threading1
  • kapila_round_eyebrow_threading
  • kapila_round_eyebrow_threading3
  • kapila_round_eyebrow_threading4

A round eyebrow threading shape makes a face appear rounder. It softens features and emphasizes the heart in the heart shaped face.

Angle Eyebrow

  • kapila_angle_eyebrow_threading1
  • kapila_angle_eyebrow_threading
  • kapila_angle_eyebrow_threading3
  • kapila_angle_eyebrow_threading4

Similar to below, but its peak is softer, more subtle, and feminine. Eyebrow threading shapes in this catalog have often been referred to as "perfect" eyebrow shapes.

Curved Eyebrow

  • kapila_curve_eyebrow_threading1
  • kapila_curve_eyebrow_threading
  • kapila_curve_eyebrow_threading3
  • kapila_curve_eyebrow_threading4

These eyebrow threading shapes default to a thoughtful expression giving a more professional look.

Flat Eyebrow

  • kapila_flat_eyebrow_threading1
  • kapila_flat_eyebrow_threading
  • kapila_flat_eyebrow_threading3
  • kapila_flat_eyebrow_threading4

Perfect for those with a long face - this eyebrow threading shape's horizontal lines make the face appear shorter and more oval.

Temporary Henna Tattoo!

  • Heena art on arm
  • Henna art on soldier
  • henna art on foot and hands
  • henna art on foot
  • henna art on hands
  • best henna art


  • Eyebrow Threading : $7.99

  • Full-Face Threading (Including Eyebrows) : $25.99

  • Mens Eyebrow Threading : $7.99

  • Upper-lip Threading : $4.99

  • Chin Threading : $4.99

  • Fore-Head Threading : $4.99

  • Cheeks Threading : $4.99

  • Sides Threading : $7.99

  • Neck Threading : $6.99

  • Henna Tattoo : Starting price $5

  • Hair Henna : $30


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